Materials List

You may download and copy any of these materials for use in your classroom. There is no charge to use these materials. Some items can be personalized: On the job offer form, for example, you can fill in the blanks onscreen and print an individual offer for each of your students.

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If your school lacks the resources to print or copy materials from this site, you may order copies from us. Vanguard will mail you individual items you choose or the complete kit for the grade you teach.Order materials

Grades K–1

Introductory items

Program Guide K—1 (website's program section)
Letter to administrator


$1 Bills
Job Posters
Saver certificate

Supplies to have on hand

Portfolio folders
Cash box or envelope
Items for store

Elementary School

K - 1

2 - 3

4 - 5

Middle School


7 - 8

High School

9 - 10

11 - 12

Technology Aids

  • Banking

  • Investing